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Tinkle Bells


Cozy Critter Tinkle Bells hang on your doorknob so that your pooch can let you know when it's time to go outside! Training is usually quick and easy and Tinkle Bells are available in any of our more than 400 fabrics! You can pick one to match your home, your dog's collar, or change them with the holidays!

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One Size
approximately 23"



Tinkle bells are a wonderful tool to assist the potty training process and for everyday use! Simply hang the tinkle bells on any doorknob and any time you hear the bells jingle, you know your pup needs to go out!

Many puppies have little bladders and when it's time to 'go' it is usually quite urgent! If nobody is there to see the puppy sitting by the door, the puppy will often relieve himself somewhere near the door. Tinkle bells help ensure that when it's time to 'go' the humans in the home can let the puppy out! Also great for dogs that are already potty trained and Senior dogs who have less bladder control. Most dogs will learn very quickly how to use the tinkle bells!

When you first hang the tinkle bells on your door, it is important that EVERY time you hear the bells (even if they are accidentally bumped), you go open the door and give your dog the option to go outside. Your pup will quickly equate the sound of the bells to mean that 'I get to go outside!'.

Cozy Critter Tinkle Bells are made from a webbing core, with your fabric choice sewn over it! Features three bells, one large bell at the bottom, and two smaller bells in the middle! Black cord is used to wrap around the doorknob.
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