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Limited Slip Buckle Collar

Cozy Critter Limited Slip Buckle Collars are perfect to prevent your dog from choking when pulling on a leash! These collars offer the control of a limited slip collar, with the convenience of a buckle. When a leash is attached, the collar will snug up on the dog, preventing escape without choking! One of the great features of this collar is that the 'slip' section of the collar is lined with nylon, so it takes all of the wear, instead of the fabric. This makes the collar extra durable!

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Custom widths are available for most collars - widths available are 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.5"*, and 2"*

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*1.5" wide collars are an additional $5.00
*2" wide collars are an additional $7.00
Maximum width recommended for XXS collars is 5/8", maximum for XS is 3/4" and maximum for Small is 1"


Limited Slip Buckle Collar
When the leash is attached to the D-ring, the collar provides a gentle tightening action. This is called a 'limited' slip, as the choking action is limited to a few inches of tightening, rather than a full choke. This collar serves the same function as a martingale collar, just in a different manner. A second d-ring is included for use when no tightening action is needed, and as a place to attach the ID tags. We are happy to omit the 2nd d-ring upon request!
Limited Slip Buckle Collar
Notice that the 'slip' section features fabric sewn on the outside of nylon, so the nylon takes all of the abrasion instead of the fabric! That makes this limited slip buckle collar one of our most durable styles! Perfect for puppies, training, and dogs that like to pull! Also great for dogs with necks that are larger than their heads as this collar will prevent them from slipping out of their collars!


Cozy Critter Custom Dog Collars are made with cotton fabric sewn over polypropylene webbing. Steel welded (nickel finish) d-rings are used on all collars. Buckles are gently contoured (rounded) to lay flat against your dog and are strong enough to hold even the biggest dogs! All Cozy Critter products are sewn on an industrial upholstery sewing machine with polyester (92) sun guard thread! All seams are triple-stitched to ensure strength and durability! Collars are machine washable!
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