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The Cozy Critter is proud to offer a number of different leash styles to suit all of your training and fashion needs! All of our fabric leashes are custom made by The Cozy Critter and are available in more than 500 different prints, so you are sure to find the perfect leash!

Click on any leash picture for more information and to place order!


Standard Leashes

The Cozy Critter Leashes are completely customizable! Everything from the handle down to the bolt snap can be designed to meet your needs!

Select a buckle at the handle for an Easy Hitch Leash!


Seat Belt Safety Restraint Leash

The Cozy Critter Seat Belt Safety Restraint Leashes are designed with a Type A seat belt latch at one end and a bolt snap at the other. Simply click the seat belt latch into your vehicle's seat belt buckle and clip the bolt snap on your dog's collar or harness.

All Purpose Leash

The Cozy Critter All Purpose Dog Leash is made with a bolt snap at both ends and 2 D-Rings and an O-Ring sewn into the leash.

Adjustable length!
Hands free walking!
Walk two dogs at once!
Secure your dog in the car!
Attaches to both collar and harness if desired!
Create two separate handles for added control!

Double Handle Leash

The Cozy Critter Double Handle Leashes feature a second handle near the snap that attaches to the collar/harness. This versatile leash allows for more control and is great for training!




The Cozy Critter Couplers are perfect for walking multiple dogs. Simply attach each bolt snap to each dog's collar, and attach the leash to the O-ring and you're ready to go. And to make it even more fun, you can choose two different fabrics for each side of the coupler to match each collar!


Training Handle

The Cozy Critter offers custom training handles which can be attached to the dog's collar or leash to keep a close handle on your dog.

Additional features:
Allows dog to be secured in car by running seatbelt through the loop!
Clip on collar to be leash law compliant even when a leash isn't needed!
Clip to collar in addition to leash to create a double handle!


Handle Pad

Make any leash handle more comfortable with this removable handle pad. It slides right onto any Cozy Critter leash (with a buckle at the handle)! This pad is removable, so if you have multiple leashes, you can move it from one leash to the next. Machine washable.





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