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The Cozy Critter is proud to offer a number of different leash styles to suit all of your training and fashion needs! All of our fabric leashes are custom made by The Cozy Critter and are available in more than 500 different prints, so you are sure to find the perfect leash!

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Cozy Harness

Cozy Harness


The Cozy Harness is perfect for escape artists and dogs that tend to pull while walking. This harness prevents chaffing, as the harness doesn't shift while walking.

This harness is also great for use in a car, as the seatbelt can be ran through the tail on the harness, keeping your pup secure.

Front Clip Harness


The Front Clip Harness offers exceptional control when walking your dog, as it clips in the front. This creates a more natural configuration to allow the human to lead the dog, instead of the dog leading the human. The front clip harness helps to prevent the dog's instinct to pull, as the leash is not clipped on the back.


Step-in Harness

Step-in Harness





The Cozy Critter Step-In harness is great for dogs that don't like anything going over their head! The harness will unclip at the top and open up flat. Then the dog's legs step into the openings and the harness clips around the back.


Standard Harness




The Cozy Critter standard harness is a traditional H-style harness. There are two pieces that run over the front shoulders, one big piece around the chest, one piece along the back and a matching piece on the underside!




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