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The fabrics listed below are those that we have surplus available to sell, or we are planning to remove them from our collection. Most fabrics shown will have at least 2 yards available and some as much as 6 or 7 yards. If you wish to purchase a quantity above 2 yards please send an email before you order to ensure we have enough fabric for your project! In the case we do not have the yardage purchased, we will contact you and let you know what we have available. If it doesn't meet your needs, a refund will be processed. Minimum cut is 1 yard.

If a fabric is not shown below, it is not available for sale.

Fabrics are $6/yard

The following fabrics are buy 1 yard, get one free (no substitutions):
Bon Apetit, Buoys, Drums, Graduation Caps, and God is Love.

  Paradise Buoys Life Rings Ants Dalmatians
Aqua Flowers

    Bon Apetit Rainbow Stripe Tiny Lilac Dots
Faded Blue Dots Golden Plaid Drums Boots Graduation Caps Happy Valentine's Day
God is Love Divine Crosses Red Hat Society Happy St. Patrick's Day Red Stockings Love Hearts
Candy Canes Peppermint Sticks Christmas Dots Christmas Stripe Retro Trees Christmas Stockings
Blue Snowmen Red Snowmen Green Snowmen Winter Wonderland Polar Bears Colorful Snowflakes
Pink Snowflakes Wreaths Sparkle Snowflake      


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Flat Rate Shipping $4.95.  FREE shipping on orders over $100!
Flat Rate Shipping $5.95. Free Shipping on orders over $100!