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Sparkle Vinyl
Sparkle vinyl can only be embroidered on 3/4" or wider products
Sparkle Vinyl Black
Sparkle Vinyl Royal Blue
Sparkle Vinyl Green
Sparkle Vinyl Red
Sparkle Vinyl Aqua
Sparkle Vinyl Purple Sparkle Vinyl Gold Sparkle Vinyl Hot Pink Sparkle Vinyl Atomic Teal    
Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)
PUL Yellow PUL Pink PUL Aqua PUL Violet PUL Red
*light red/pinkish
PUL Orange
PUL Royal Blue PUL Black        
Marbled Cotton
Red Marble Orange Marble Yellow Marble Lime Marble Green Marble Emerald Marble
Light Blue Marble Blue Marble Purple Marble Light Pink Marble Hot Pink Marble Deep Pink Marble 
Brown Marble          
Tiffany Hawaiian
Kelly Green Hawaiian
Lime Green Hawaiian

Red Hawaiian

Purple Hawaiian
Khaki Hawaiian
Hot Pink Hawaiian
Island Hawaiian
Hot Pink Plumeria
Red Plumeria

Blue Plumeria
Maui Red Hawaiian


Purple Passion Hawaiian
Blue Pineapples

Red Pineapples

Purple Pineapple

Lilac Hawaiian

Nautical Skulls

Life Rings
Palm Trees
Vineyard Whales

Light Blue Whales
Orange Whales
Citrus Hawaiian


American Flip Flops
Lobsters Yellow Crabby

Aqua Anchors

Navy Anchors

Hippie Bones
Lime & Aqua Bones
Playful Bones
Rainbow Bones Pink Paws and Bones
Navy Paws and Bones
Tough Bones
Multicolored Paws on Black Multicolored Paws White
Muddy Paws
Red Paws
Puppy Love
Counting Sheep Light Blue Paws Adopt Me!
Soft Bones
Soft Paws
Rainbow Zebra
Zebra Wild Animal Stripe
Jungle Prints
Mixed Leopard
Cow Horses
Vintage Birds
Cream Owls
Yellow Owls
Brown Owls
Bunnies Bunny Hop

French Bulldogs

Playful Penguins
Winter Penguins
Fish Bones

Ants Silly Spiders Country Bees Bees in Squares American Ladybugs

Black Ladybugs Yellow Ladybugs
Blue Bees
Pink Leopard
(heavier weight fabric - canvas feel)
3/4" & 1" collars only
Grace Gray Daisies Chocolate Daisies


Blue Daisies
Classical Daisies
Sunshine Asian Floral
Bella Floral
Aqua Flowers
Playful Leaves
Mocha Leaves
Modern Leaves
Shimmer Pinecones
Pink Cupcakes
Birthday Cake
Chocolate Candies
Pink Drinks
Wine Grapes
Lime Chilis

Black Cherry
Red Pineapples

Purple Pineapples

Blue Pineapples

Astro Pops
Jelly Beans Top Chef Candy Hearts
Gingerbread Men  Candy Canes
Candy Corns
Black Clovers and Beer        
Bahama Stripe
Red and White Stripe
Wild Animal Stripe
Grapefruit Stripe
Beach Stripe Summer Stripe
Aqua Coral Stripe Rainbow Stripe
Orange/Black Stripe Business Stripe Bailey Stripe
Puppy Stripe
Tucker Stripe
Candy Stripe
USA Stripe
Princess Stripe
Hampton Dots Ziggy Chevron
Yellow Chevron
Raspberry Chevron
Silver Chevron American Dots
Trendy Dots Tiny Lilac Dots
Black & White Dots
Yellow Dots

Red Dots
Lime Dots
Aqua Dots
Faded Blue Dots
Lime Dots on Red    
Colorful Argyle
Orange Argyle
Christmas Argyle
Plaid Shamrocks
Teal Orange Plaid
Golden Plaid
Organic Plaid
India Paisley
Pink Ribbon Paisley
Retro Paisley
Joyful Paisley
Heritage Paisley
Happy Paisley

Purple Swirls
Damask Pink Medallion
Gray Swirl
Pink Swirls
Brown Bandana
Red Bandana

Black Bandana
Light Pink Bandana
Aqua Bandana
Yellow Bandana
Purple Bandana
Green Bandana
Forrest Green Bandana
Dark Blue Bandana

Fuchsia Bandana

Lime Skulls

Sugar Skulls
Skulls and Hearts
Yellow Skulls
Biker Skulls
Skulls and Bones
Nautical Skulls Red Skulls Aqua Mini Skulls
Pirate Skulls Blood Spatter

Hot Rod Flames
Biker Flames
Hot Wheels
Playing Cards
Poker Chips
Coins Colorful Notes
Black & White Notes Teal Music Notes Drums Road Map
Happy Camper


Fire Helmets
Firefighter Badges

Pink John Deere Hearts Pink John Deere Floral
1" or wider products only
Blood Spatter

Army Corps Circles
3/4" & wider collars recommended
Volleyballs Navy Blue Baseballs Red Baseballs
Golf Balls
Blue Sports
True Timber Mossy Camo
*Water Resistant Canvas*
Orange Mossy Camo
*Water Resistant Canvas*
Flooded Timber Camo
*Water Resistant Canvas*

True Timber Pink Camo
*Water Resistant Canvas*

Pink Mossy Camo
*Water Resistant Canvas*
Hot Pink Camo

Realtree Pink
*lighter weight fabric*
Muddy Girl Camo
Purple Mossy Camo

*Water Resistant Canvas*
Blue Mossy Camo

*Water Resistant Canvas*
Woodland Camo Realtree AP
Superflauge Snow Camo
True Timber Snow Camo
*Water Resistant Canvas*
Mossy Oak
Breakup Camo
USAF Digital Tiger ABU Camo
USMC Digital Camo
Navy Digital Camo ACU Digital Camo
Green Salmon
Blue Salmon
Gone Fishin'
Angler's Classic

Reflective Silver

Reflective Orange

The reflective fabrics are coated with glass reflective beads. Colors reflect light up to a distance of 300 feet!

Please Note: These fabrics are a bit stiff- no problem for the big dogs but may be a bit 'ruff' for the little dogs!

Pastel Peace Signs Patriotic Peace Signs
Kokopelli Graduation Caps
Pink Bows

Asian Symbols Pink Ribbons
Pink Ribbon Paisley
Divine Crosses
God is Love
Pink Jacks

Road Map Emojis Puzzle
Tie Dye

Red Stars Happy Stars
Twinkle Stars
Star Spangled
Flip Flops

Patriotic States
Uncle Sam
Astro Pops
Patriotic Peace Signs American Dots
British Flags
USA Stripe American Ladybugs
American Snails
New Years   Celebration Beads Birthday Party
Pink Cupcakes
Graduation Caps Party
Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday
  Pink Love
Pink Hearts XOXO
Moon and Back

Cupid's Arrows
Candy Hearts
Chocolate Candies

Love Hearts

Red Hearts
*little bit of gold glitter
Cursive Love
Glitter Hearts
LOTS of glitter!

Happy Valentine's Day

3/4" or wider products only

Rainbow Clovers Clovers n' Dots Light Green Clovers Black Glitter Clovers St. Patrick's Squares
3/4" or wider products only
Happy St. Patrick's
3/4" or wider products only
Black Clovers and Beer

Off White Clovers

Royal Shamrocks Lucky Irish White Mini Clovers

Plaid Shamrocks

Green Clovers

Jelly Beans

Easter Butterflies

Black Sparkle Eggs

Easter Eggs
Easter Baskets
Easter Sparkle Chickadee Lime Eggs Bunny Hop
Bunnies in Grass
Glow Webs
Crazy Pumpkins Halloween Fun
Silly Ghosts Orange Webs Green Bats
Candy Corns
Candy Corn Stripe
Batty Boo
Witch Hats
Pumpkins Silly Spiders
Bats & Moons    Pumpkins & Ghosts Green
Pumpkins & Ghosts Grey Glow Ghosts Glow Skulls
Orange Argyle
Orange/Black Stripe Halloween Squares Tiny Halloween Stripe Orange Bats Big Halloween Stripe
Pumpkin Time
Colorful Webs
Turkeys Pilgrim Turkeys
(3/4" or wider products recommended)
Wobble Gobble
(3/4" or wider products recommended)
Silly Turkeys
(3/4" or wider products recommended)
Mocha Leaves Playful Leaves
Green Snowflakes
Christmas Snowflakes
Sparkle Snowflakes
Red Snowflakes
Blue Snowflakes
Jolly Snowflakes
Colorful Snowflakes Mod Snowflakes   Pink Snowflakes
Winter Wonderland Red Snowmen Green Snowmen
Christmas Paws
Green Grinch
Pink Christmas
Ho Ho Red White Green

Ho Ho Ho Red
Ho Ho Ho Green

Lime Dots on Red Christmas Dots Playful Penguins Winter Penguins
Red Stockings Stockings & Gloves
Gingerbread Men Christmas Pups
Elf on the Shelf Red
Elf on the Shelf Green
Deck the Halls Christmas Peace
 Candy Canes
 Peppermint Sticks Peppermint Candy Stripe  Peppermint Candies Black Christmas Argyle Christmas
Trees and Snowflakes Crazy Trees Retro Trees Wreaths Shimmer Pinecones
Christmas Collar
Merry Christmas
Holiday Stripes Christmas Sheep
(fabric is an off white/ cream color)
Peanuts Christmas 3/4" or wider collars only Santa on Green
Santa on Black
Hanukkah Star of David New Years      
Products made from these fabrics are not licensed NBA products. They are, however, made from licensed NBA Fabrics. The Cozy Critter LLC is not affiliated with or sponsored by the NBA, nor the makers of the fabric.

Trail Blazers Nets Mavericks
Magic Suns Knicks Nuggets Pistons Pacers
76ers Spurs Lakers Bulls Celtics Hornets
Major League Baseball Teams
Products made from these fabrics are not licensed MLB products. They are, however, made from licensed MLB Fabrics. The Cozy Critter LLC is not affiliated with or sponsored by the MLB, nor the makers of the fabric.
Dodgers Rockies Padres
Diamondbacks Royals
Mariners White Sox Cardinals Yankees
Mets Red Sox Reds Braves Giants Black Giants Squares
National Football League Teams
Products made from these fabrics are not licensed NFLproducts. They are, however, made from licensed NFL Fabrics. The Cozy Critter LLC is not affiliated with or sponsored by the NFL, nor the makers of the fabric.
49'ers Black
Chargers Steelers
49'ers Black
Raiders White
Raiders Black
Buccaneers Browns Rams Bengals Broncos Blue Broncos Orange
Cardinals Redskins Chiefs Colts Miami Dolphins Falcons
NY Giants Jets Panthers Ravens Cowboys White   Cowboys Blue 
Titans Patriots Saints Bills Seahawks Bears
Eagles Vikings

College Teams
Products made from these fabrics are not licensed products. They are, however, made from officially licensed Fabrics. The Cozy Critter LLC is not affiliated with or sponsored by the any of the colleges or universities, nor the makers of the fabric.
Auburn University University of Alabama Arizona State University of Arkansas
Boise State

University of Cincinatti
Cal Berkeley
Clemson University University of Colorado University of Connecticut Duke University
Florida State Seminoles
University of Florida Fresno State
University of Georgia Georgia Tech
Fighting Illini University of Illinois
Iowa Hawkeyes University of Kentucky Kansas State

University of Kansas Louisville Louisiana State University 
University of Mississippi
Mississippi State University of Miami Michigan State University University of Memphis University of Missouri
University of Michigan Blue University of Michigan University of North Carolina North Carolina State University University of Nebraska Oregon Ducks
Oregon Beavers Oklahoma State University of Oklahoma Penn State Purdue University Rutgers
University of Southern California University of South Carolina  University of Tennessee White
University of Tennessee Black University of Texas
Texas Tech
Texas A&M UCLA West Virginia
University of Virginia
Virginia Tech University of Wisconsin

University of Washington  Washington State University  Pink University of Wisconsin
Pink University of North Carolina Pink Virginia Tech

Pink USC


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