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Our top embroidery recommendations:

1. Use all capital letters - lower case letters are much smaller and harder to read.

2. Measure your pet's neck. Don't skip this step or the slide may sit on top of the embroidery.

3. Pick a fabric that is not busy - two and three color fabrics are best for embroidery.

4. Pick a thread color that contrasts with the fabric completely. Don't try to match.

5. Pick the widest collar your dog can comfortably wear. The wider the collar, the bigger the embroidery.

6. Use the shortest amount of text necessary. The more text embroidered on the collar, the more the fabric is covered.

7. When embroidering a phone number leave off the area code if possible. Shorter = easier to read.

8. Larger collars look best with thicker fonts - narrower collars look best with thinner fonts.

9. Colored buckles look amazing when matched to the embroidery thread color!


The number of characters that can be embroidered, depends on the size of the item(s) ordered. It may be necessary to reduce the size of the embroidery to fit in a specific area. To maximize the size of your embroidery, use the minimum number of characters necessary. We recommend a maximum of 1 name and phone number. If you're comfortable leaving off the area code, that is best. The more information embroidered, the less adjustable the collar will be, and more of the fabric will be covered. The best looking embroideries have the minimal amount of information.

For the best visibility, we recommend that you use capital letters for your dog's name, so that all of the letters are as large as possible. Lower case letters, such as g, j, p, q, and y will require the name to be embroidered smaller, to accommodate the lower hanging letters. 1/2" wide and 5/8" wide collars must have all capital letters to be visible.

If you wish to have the embroidery centered on the back of the collar, you must select the belt style collar. All other collar styles require a slide for adjustability which may prevent accurate centering of the embroidery.

Unless otherwise requested, we will place the embroidery close to the Cozy Critter label to maximize adjustability of the collar. If you would like the embroidery to be placed elsewhere, be sure to include your request, along with your dog's measurement to ensure visibility. See pictures below:

If the neck measurement isn't included with the order, there is a possibility that the slider will cover up part of the embroidery when the collar is adjusted to fit your dog. To prevent this from happening, it may be necessary for your collar to be shortened. See picture below:

The only time it would be necessary to shorten the length on the collar is if your dog is at the smaller end of the collar's adjustability. For example, our medium collar will adjust from 14"-22". If your dog has a 15" neck, we would need to shorten the collar by a few inches to prevent the slider from covering the name. If your dog is at the larger end of the size range, this will not be necessary. If you have a growing puppy, and do not want your collar to be shortened, please let us know.





While The Cozy Critter is proud to have a very flexible return/exchange policy, regretfully, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on embroidered items. (Unless an error was made on our part). Please utilize the order form to accurately and thoroughly communicate your requests. There is also a section at checkout titled 'special requests' where you can communicate your preferences.

Here are some tips for purchasing the perfect embroidery:

1. Let Cozy Critter decide the thread color
If you have any doubts as to the thread color, let us choose for you! If you wish to select the thread color yourself, be sure to select a thread color that is not present in the fabric AT ALL. Even the slightest matching of thread color may result in an un-readable embroidery. There is a section at checkout titled 'special requests', if you would like to communicate multiple thread color choices. For example, if you would like Red thread, but are open to white or orange if red won't look good, this is where you could indicate your preferences.

Notes regarding metallic thread: We do offer gold, silver and copper thread as an option to our customers but we want to be clear that these options are not the most durable. If you collar will be worn daily, we do not recommend metallic thread. These thread options are best saved for special occasion collars.

2. Let Cozy Critter decide the font
Unless there is a font that you absolutely love, let us decide for you! Some names will look better with different fonts, and we can decide the best option once the embroidery is laid out. You are welcome to utilize the 'special requests' section at checkout to communicate any preferences. For example, you can let us choose the font, but then indicate that you would like something playful or thick. The busier the fabric, the thicker the font choice should be.

3. Provide an accurate neck measurement on the order form
All embroidered collars are made to fit the neck size provided with a little room to adjust it both directions. The smaller the collar, the more important the neck size becomes. Please be sure to include your pet's neck measurement, so we can ensure the collar fits properly, and the embroidery is visible. If this measurement is provided and we make an error with the sizing or layout, you may exchange your product. If this measurement is not provided, we are not responsible for sizing errors. We ask that you provide us with the exact neck measurement. If you are unable to provide this information and that section of the order form is left blank, we will send the exact size ordered. This may result in the slider sitting on top of the embroidery as pictured below.

SIZING FOR GIFTS WHEN MEASUREMENT IS UNAVAILABLE: If you are unable to obtain the dog's neck measurement we recommend the belt-style collar. Since this collar does not have a slide to adjust the size, it ensures maximum visibility for the embroidery and the best option for a good fit.

SIZING FOR GROWING DOGS: If your dog is still growing, please let us know and we will be sure to maximize the growing room on the collar. (This may mean that the slide will sit on the embroidery at first, but as the dog grows, the slide will be adjusted off the embroidery). If your dog is still growing but you do NOT want the slide to sit on the embroidery, just provide the neck measurement without indicating your puppy is growing.

You are welcome to utilize the 'special requests' section at checkout to communicate the measurement provided. The neck measurement can be taken a number of ways, just communicate clearly. Examples: "Current neck measurement is 19" when measured snugly" or " Current collar measures 15" from end to end" or "collar will be at 10" when on the dog".



*The exception to this return policy is if the collar ordered is too big, and we are able to size it down (belt-style collars cannot be sized down). If your collar is too big, we can often size it down for you. This means that we will shorten the collar you received, so the width and embroidery will remain the same. This is not always an option, but send us an email and we'll be happy to try to help!


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