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The Cozy Critter is proud to offer a number of accessories for dogs, cats, and humans! All of our accessories are custom made by The Cozy Critter and are available in more than 500 different prints, so you are sure to find the perfect match!

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Pet ID Tags

The Cozy Critter is happy to offer customizable pet id tags to match each of our collars! Your pet's name is printed in the font of your choice on the front side and the contact information is printed in an easily readable font on the back!

Both sides will feature the background of your choice to match any of our Cozy Critter products! Pet ID tags are aluminum.

Rhinestone Charms


Dog Collar Rhinestone Charms - guaranteed to brighten up any collar! They also make for adorable key chains for humans. Each charm contains real czech crystals!

Available in a number of different shapes!

 Poop Bag Pouch


These adorable little Poop Bag Pouches are the perfect size to carry a roll of doggie-poop bags. Pouches feature a mini bolt snap that is easily clipped to the dog's collar, a belt loop, or the handle of your Cozy Critter leash! Top of bag has a cord with a toggle, allowing the bag to be cinched closed. Simply tuck your little poop bags inside and you always have one on hand!

Bow Ties


The Cozy Critter is proud to offer custom bow ties to match each of the custom collars! Bow ties velcro securely around the collar for a playful or sophisticated look! Available in 2 different sizes and over 500 different fabrics!

Treat Bags

These fun Treat Bags are an excellent way to keep your pup's treats handy! Bags feature a moisture resistant inner lining and a draw-string closure so you can keep the treats secure. Back side features a belt clip and velcro to easily attach bag to a leash, waist band, purse strap, or in the car!

Treat bags can also have alternate uses! Use them to store car keys, cell phone, or poop bags while on a walk! They can also be used for children's snacks!

Reversible Scarves



The Cozy Critter offers reversible scarves that slide right over your pet's collar! Since they're reversible, it's like getting two scarves for the price of one!

Tinkle Bells


Cozy Critter Tinkle Bells hang on your doorknob so that your pooch can let you know when it's time to go outside! Training is usually quick and easy as every time the bell jingles, you open the door. Once your dog figures out how to nudge the bell, you're set!

Tinkle bells can be used in stores or offices as well to let you know when somebody enters! You can pick one to match your home, your dog's collar, or change them with the holidays!


Prong Covers

The Cozy Critter is proud to offer Prong Collar Covers! Velcro pieces run along the underside allowing you to secure the cover to the prong collar! Once the cover is properly secured over the collar, you cannot tell that the dog is wearing a prong collar! Also great to prevent links from coming loose!

Tug Toys


The Cozy Critter offers custom doggie tug toys to match the collars! Toys are made from a heavyweight synthetic nylon fabric that resists abrasion and tearing and is mildew resistant. The tug tabs are made from fabric sewn over polypro webbing. Each of these toys is unique with tabs sewn in all different directions. Toy center is approximately 5.5" and the tabs are 1" wide by approximately 2". Toys also feature a squeaker!

Cat Toys


These adorable little pouches are filled with fresh Catnip and a jingle bell, sure to drive your kitty crazy!! Toys measure approximately 2" x 3" wide.

Key Chains


Key Chains make the perfect gift for the human companion!! Purchase a key chain to match your dog's new gear!

Key chain measures approximately 4" long and is 1" wide

Checkbook Covers


These cute checkbook covers are made from all of the adorable fabrics in our collection! The sturdy clear vinyl cover measures 6 1/4" x 3 1/4". These are made for regular top-tear checkbooks.


Tag-a-longs are designed to buckle around the collar to hold the dog's ID tags. This makes moving ID tags from one collar to another a simple task! Simply un-buckle the tag-a-long and buckle it to around the new collar!

Also great for homes with sleeping babies! Simply unclip and remove the dog's tags at night for a quiet evening!

Does your dog stay with a doggie sitter on a regular basis? Creat a pet ID tag with the contact information of the doggie sitter and keep it on a tag-a-long. Then you can simply clip it to the collar when your dog is at the sitter!

Quick Links


Quick Links make it simple and easy to move your pet's ID tags between collars! Simply slide the ID tag onto the quick link and secure the quick link to the collar! The barrell screws tight to secure your pet's tags!

For the easiest tag removal we recommend the tag-a-long over the quick link!


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